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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

Classroom Teachers

​Mrs. O'Grady and Mrs. Blakey (DECE)
​Mrs. Duprey and Mrs. Bartley (DECE)
Grade 1​​Mrs. Crooks
​Grade 2/3​Ms. Bibb
​French Immersion  Grade 1​Mlle. Raphael
French Immersion Grade 1/2
Mlle. Lehman
​French Immersion Grade 2
Mme. Palmer
​French Immersion Grade 3/4
French Immersion Grade 3/4
​Mlle. Gering
Mme. Harrington
​Grade 3​Mrs. Newburn
Grade 4
​Mr. Mew
Grade 5/6Mr. Hodgins
​Grade 6/7​Mrs. Young
​Grade 7/8Mr. Bielby and Mrs. Lamore
ASD​Mrs. Gregory


Learning Centre and Special Education
Mrs. Con; Mrs.Garrett; Mrs. Hatfield; Mr. McKenzie

Educational Assistants

Ms. Ashford; Ms. Dykeman; Ms. Hurlbert; Ms. Imhoff; Ms. Kay; Ms. Koster; Ms. Manning; Ms. McNamara; Ms. Potter


Mrs. Telford

French & Planning Time

Mme. Fairey; Mr. Lang; Mme. Waters