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Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

Classroom Teachers

​KindergartenJ. Ptasiuk & S. Bartley
​M. Gauthier
​​Grade 1/2
L. Thompson
​​Grade 2/3
N. Buerker
​Grade 4/5 
S. Tremain
​Grade 6
J. Wojcik   Ms. Wojcik's Edublog
​​Grade 7/8
N. Mew
​​Grade 1 French Immersion
L. Fortin
​Grade 1/2 French Immersion
A. Harrington
​Grade 2./3 French Immersion
A. Shennett
​Grade 3/4 French Immersion
A. Raphael
​Grade 4/5 French Immersion
R. Lacasse
​Grade 5/6 French Immersion
J. Fairey
​Grade 6/7 Fench Immersion
M. Ogden
​M. Cain
N. McKenzie
​Kindergarten Learn@Home
W. Carl & S. Blakey
Grade ​1/2 FI Learn@Home
A. Gering
​Grade 7/8 Learn@Home
​B. Dunlop
​ASD Learn@Home
L. Gregory

Learning Centre and Special Education

​SERT Assignment
​Learning Centre and Grade 7/8
J. Scott
​C. Millar
​Grade 1-3
​L. Gregory
​Grade 4/5
​B. Pelchat
French Immersion and Grade 6
​A. Bellissimo
​B. Pelchat

Educational Assistants

B. Blair-Love; N. Bouchard-Gosling; A. Brereton, C. Dykeman; R. Forget; T. Henson; S. Imran, D. Lukacs, S. Macleod, S. Manning; E. Mutch; N. Potter; C. Spragg; K. Staley; A. Ward; C. White

Library, French & Planning Time

​S. Telford
​Music; Phys. Ed. (English)
​M. Bird
​Music; Drama (French)
​N. DeWolfsmith
​Science; Phys. Ed. (French)
T. Lang
​Science; Phys. Ed. (English)
​B. Pelchat
​French as a Second Language; Social Studies; Health (French)
​M. Kamel

Office Team

​H. Cameron Armstrong
Vice ​Principal
C. Millar
​Administrative Assistant
M. Harding
​Clerk Steno
​A. Logan-Warzin

Custodial Team

M. Ferreri; A. Prance